I am a hair and make-up artist with a need and want to develop and grow in all areas of the make-up world. I love the ability that make-up and hair has to completely transform and the creativity it allows.  Whether I am creating a clean, natural glow make-up, a glamorous 1940’s look or a full SFX make-up, I love to be challenged and pushed beyond my boundaries.

My skills

*Beauty make-up

*SFX make-up including out of kit wounds, Prosthetic applications and pro-bondo tranfers

*Character make-up including dirt/grime effects, sweat effects and transfer tattoo application

*Male grooming

*Tattoo covering

*Wig setting, styling and applying

*Modern hair styling

*Period hair and make-up

*Theatre hair and make-up

*Building wig foundations and knotting hair

*Facial hair application: blocking, cleaning and tonging

*Laying on facial hair

*Script breakdown

*Maintaining continuity using both paper & digital systems

Please take a look at my Portfolio for examples

Amazing opportunities so far

I have had some amazing experiences so far, having worked on numerous exciting projects.  I have worked as a hair and make-up artist on varied projects including the feature films Run For Your Wife and The Purge of Kingdoms. Both amazing opportunities that have helped me develop and grow as an artist.  Some other exciting projects include being the hair and makeup designer for Eugene McGings horror film The Unfolding.  I thrive on the fast pace and buzz of working in film and understand the long hours of hard work and graft.  I can often be found with a smile on my face and a helping hand.

Take a look at my CV for more information

Where it all started to now

I was constantly doing the hair and make-up for friends and family and never having the time to get myself ready.  I decided to follow my dreams and study hair and make-up artistry.  An amazing 3 months at Christine Blundells Makeup Academy, where I learnt the fundamental skills to be a hair and make-up artist from industry professionals, set me off on the start of my career.  After a few years working on some amazing projects I decided to further my understanding and knowledge of prosthetics and attended Neill Gortons Prosthetic Bootcamp.  In 2017 I attending a Wig Making course at Creative Media Skills taught by Lorna Campbell of Campbell Wigs.  This not only taught me the skills needed to make a wig from scratch but also developed my understanding and respect for wig work.  In the same year, I completed the Bespoke Period Hair course where I developed my skills in setting and styling hair across all eras.  I am enjoying developing and pushing my make-up and hair skills, attending various courses and am looking forward to working on more exciting projects.

Me in a past life

My background and passion in theatre, especially dance, has given me a unique view on life and my work.  An understanding of the effect hair and makeup has on character and how certain lighting and filters has on colours have both influenced my work.

Working as a swimming teacher for many years has honed my skills to think fast on my feet.  This is handy for the times hair and make-up needs to be changed last minute.  It has instilled a patience in me that translates into the work I carry out.

I am fully insured with public liability insurance through Bectu Union.